Daily Topic for February 03, 2009

Is. 40:15, 17
"Surely the nations are like a drop in a bucket.... Before Him all the nations are as nothing; they are regarded by Him as worthless and less than nothing."

To stand before a wall-sized world map is to catch a glimpse of the immensity of this earth. Yet Isaiah asserts that when we stand before the Creator, the creation dwindles to comparative insignificance. What perspective this fact gives to God’s people! We are so easily overawed by the scope of the Great Commission that our resolve weakens and our courage fails. But God is greater than His commission, greater than His earth, greater than any obstacles we will face. And though His power regards the nations as “worthless and less than nothing,” His love regards them as infinitely precious and worthy of the death of His Son.

Pray that our Almighty God will teach us to fix our eyes on Him so that we may act in faith before the nations.

Swahili speaking Muslims

In 1962, AIM officials asked Peter Brashler to be their field director during a tense time in the Congo (now Democratic Republic of Congo). Political rebellion spread, and as a result a feeling of animosity developed against all foreigners. Finally, the American Consul advised missionaries from the United States to leave the Congo. They set out over a seldom-used bush path in a caravan of 45 missionary cars. The Brashler family, Edythe, Peter, and seven-year-old Steven, were among them.

After traveling for miles past cursing Africans who lined the road, they were stopped at the border by a large number of Congolese soldiers who forbid anyone to leave the country. To relieve the tension, a Plymouth Brethren missionary handed Christian magazines to the soldiers. Meanwhile, the other missionaries began to sing and share Christ. Before long, smiles replaced scowls, and the missionaries proceeded into Uganda.

More than a year passed before the Brashlers were able to return. They found things quite different now that the Congolese church leaders were ready “to sail their own boat.”

In 1975, the Brashlers were assigned to the Comoro Islands off the coast of East Africa. Peter’s duties included negotiating with government officials, all of whom were Muslims. Later, however, the missionaries were expelled. But they left behind a small group of believers as a nucleus for the Comorian church.

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Pray for a new missionary force to replace those who are retiring.-AL, My Thirty-five Years in Africa, by Peter J. Brashler, Tyndale House, 1979.

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