Daily Topic for January 30, 2009

Song of Solomon 5:8
"O daughters of Jerusalem, I charge you-if you find my lover, what will you tell him? Tell him I am faint with love."

Can you even imagine being “faint” with love for the Lord? Wouldn’t this be the ultimate experience, to love Him so much that you cannot contain yourself? Do we love the Lord Jesus Christ, our heavenly bridegroom, with the passion and purity of the love this bride has for her husband? Do we truly regard His love as the most precious of all forms of pleasure and satisfaction? Do we honor His longing for a bride who is both beautiful and complete?

Pray that you will be so “faint with love” for your Lord that you will obey Him in all He says to do for the nations.

Awi People of Ethiopia

The Awis are the most skilled people in Ethiopia in devising irrigation systems for use during the dry season, so they have escaped most of the worst Ethiopian famines. They live near a lake in Ethiopia’s northern mountains that provides them with plenty of fresh water. The Awi territory receives the highest rainfall in Ethiopia, so farmers sometimes can harvest three crops in a year. It would seem that life would be good for these Ethiopian farmers.

However, their medical care leaves much to be desired. The Awi people rely on traditional methods for health problems such as herbal remedies, witch doctors and amulets. HIV/AIDS is widespread. Some of their towns have poorly equipped clinics. The journey to the nearest hospital involves several hours of walking, and then a three-hour crowded bus trip.

Spiritually, they lack a Christ-centered fellowship. Their religion is either Animism or a form of Ethiopian Orthodoxy where Jesus is nearly forgotten. Their Orthodox churches center around a holy of holies that contains replicas of the tablets of stone and the ark of the covenant. Awi are very resistant to any form of Protestant Christianity; less than 0.01 percent attend Protestant churches. No Scriptures exist in the Awi language.

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Pray for workers to translate the Bible into the Awi language. Pray that the gospel will spread throughout Awi communities like wildfire as a result of the work of Ethiopia’s mission-minded Kale Heywet Church.-JWS

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