Daily Topic for January 28, 2009

Song of Solomon 2:4
"He has taken me to the banquet hall, and his banner over me is love."

This “banner” suggests that the one word to describe how the Heavenly Bridegroom feels about His bride is the one word, “love.” It’s not “judgment,” “obedience,” or “forgiven.” Oh, how great a love our Savior has bestowed upon us! His is far greater than the love between a man and his wife. As a woman enjoys the loving protection of her husband, so all who know Jesus are under the protection of His love. But what about those who don’t know Him-those who have not heard?

Pray that the nations will respond to the banner of love when they hear.

Rashaida People of Eritrea

Muslim Rashaida soldiers respond to the gospel while sharing danger with born-again brothers-in-arms! It was 1998. War raged along the border of Ethiopia and Eritrea. This conflict would last another two years. Rashaida youth had been swept up into this conflict during the draft. Until this time there were no known Rashaida believers. War would change that! By July of 2000 there were seven known disciples of Jesus among the Rashaidas-remarkable in the face of very strong Muslim opposition.

The colorful Rashaidas came to Eritrea from Saudi Arabia in 1846. They live in the desert along the coastline of the Red Sea. They are nomadic, but some are now settling into villages that have very little available in the way of health care or drinking water. Their men are known to be excellent traders. They are adept at using camels and Toyota pickup trucks to distribute goods imported from Middle Eastern countries. From early childhood Rashaida females wear beautiful veils so that no man besides their husband can ever see their faces. Rashaidas are known for their hospitality, and will sit down and have tea with strangers. Men have as many as four wives in keeping with Muslim tradition. A family prayer house is central to their worship of Allah.

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Pray that the Rashaida people will continue to respond to Jesus, the one who can truly be the answer to their prayers and bring them living water. Pray that Rashaida believers will continue to share their faith.-CH

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