Daily Topic for January 21, 2009

Ecc. 1:2
"'Meaningless! Meaningless!' says the Teacher. 'Utterly meaningless! Everything is meaningless!'"

If anyone could ever affirm the truth of this statement, it was the author, Solomon, King of Israel. He had it all-power, wealth, honor, glory, wisdom, and a large family!. Yet he proclaimed it all worthless. Why? Solomon had forfeited the enjoyment of God’s blessings by his disobedience. Even though he was used of God to bless the Queen of Sheba, Solomon encumbered God’s plan to bless “all the families of the world” because of his sin of idolatry. With the channel of blessing diverted to personal pleasure, Solomon evaluated life as vain, empty, and futile.

Pray that we will learn from Solomon, and stay focused on the things of God rather than diverting His resources to our personal pleasures.

Somalis of Somalia

Somalis urgently need health care facilities and trained health care providers! Nearly 4,000 women die in childbirth each year, and one in five children never reach their fifth birthday. Life expectancy is 48. Malnutrition, tuberculosis, and HIV/AIDS take a huge toll on a regular basis. Countries trying to send aid face organized piracy.

The deplorable conditions and fighting in Somalia are driving people to attempt escape. Over one million refugees have fled. The smuggling trade is flourishing, although the journey is dangerous. Passengers are sometimes beaten or pushed overboard. Some have suffocated in boat holds, while others have faced gun battles with the Yemeni military.

Those living in Somalia are Muslim and lack the opportunity to hear the gospel. Even if they hear, they know severe persecution awaits believers. Some say, “A Christian Somali is a dead Somali.” But perhaps those escaping Somalia’s disasters will turn to Jesus. Then they can reach friends and relatives for Him. God is able to take all kinds of bad ingredients and turn them into a good outcome. He may use our prayers to draw many Muslim Somalis to a blessed eternal life.

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Pray that the problems the Somalis face will cause them to seek the true and living Savior. Ask the Lord of the harvest to send true believers to share their faith in a loving way. May Somalis find the peace they seek.-AK

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