Daily Topic for January 12, 2009

Proverbs 19:21
"Many are the plans in a man's heart, but it is the Lord's purpose that prevails."

The Lord’s purpose will prevail, but will it be His first, second, third, or fourth choice? It’s very easy to allow our plans and ambitions to get in the way of what the Lord really wants for us. Do you have any “non-negotiables” that can get in the way of the Lord’s first choice?

Pray that we will allow the Lord to be Lord over all aspects of our lives, so that His purpose will prevail. Not our wills, but His be done!

Zaramo People of Tanzania

Ten years ago, a blind man opened the door for a Southern Baptist medical team to reach out to the mostly Muslim Zaramo people group in Tanzania. Often the sick are more open to the message of salvation than the healthy. They know they must think seriously about the next life. After the blind man became the first Zaramo to put his faith in Christ, others followed, having seen how Jesus changed his life. There are now 20 people regularly attending church in that Zaramo village.

But there are dozens of other Zaramo villages that have yet to hear about the power and truth of Jesus Christ or have yet to know His healing touch. HIV is a serious problem among the Zaramos, due to the polygamy they practice. Men think nothing of having multiple wives and lovers. Divorce is common. Medical outreach teams are few and far between.

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Ask God to raise up more faithful workers to reach out to this unreached people group. Thank the Lord for the Zaramo believers. Pray that they will be salt and light to their Muslim neighbors. Pray for Him to use His children to heal their neighbors both spiritually and physically. May this people group come to see Jesus Christ as their only hope. Pray that the Zaramos will soon have a complete Bible in their language. So far only the New Testament has been translated. Ask the Lord to open the door for Christian radio broadcasts and the JESUS Film to become available in Zaramo.-WK

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