Daily Topic for January 07, 2009

Proverbs 17:5
"He who mocks the poor shows contempt for their maker; whoever gloats over disaster will not go unpunished."

This is one of the many exhortations to give aid to the needy and to not gloat when those whom you don’t get along with suffer. God is all-compassionate, and He requires His children to be the same. This requires us to rise above our human nature and take on God’s nature. In that way, God’s Name is glorified.

Pray that when you see people suffer, especially those you consider “enemies,” that you will allow God to empower you to help them. Pray that God will use tragedies to demonstrate His compassion to the unreached nations that are lost without His guidance.

Cape Malays in South Africa

January 2 means festival time for South Africa’s Cape Malays! Families arrive at Cape Town’s cobbled roadsides and parks with blankets and picnic baskets filled with baked tarts and other delicious, but unhealthy delicacies. Teams of singing minstrels fill the streets of Cape Town with the sounds of dancing feet, singing, drums, and tambourines. After people need a break from the action, minstrel teams compete for prizes for “best dressed” and “best performance.”

This annual carnival is associated with the Cape Malay population. One of their original purposes was to celebrate the end of slavery in 1834, which liberated them from bondage. Today, this exciting celebration provides an avenue for speakers of all ethnic backgrounds to address crucial issues like crime and AIDS prevention, both of which affect all of South Africa.

Unlike the “Christian” majority in South Africa, which have succumbed to sexually-transmitted diseases like AIDS, the vast majority of the Cape Malay population is Sunni Muslim. Even though they have largely evaded the AIDS epidemic, they have not learned of their need to be saved by Jesus Christ rather than by their obedience to Islamic principles.

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Pray for a move of the Holy Spirit to sweep over South Africa’s Cape Malay population. Pray that as Cape Malays come off of the euphoria of last week’s carnival that they will understand their need for an eternal relationship with the Lord Jesus.-KC

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