Daily Topic for December 19, 2008

Is. 11:10
"In that day the root of Jesse shall stand as an ensign (banner, sign) to the peoples; Him shall the nations seek."

More than any other prophet, Isaiah was one who built Israel’s expectation of their coming Savior. The name “root of Jesse” clearly indicates the Savior’s ancestry in the royal family of Israel. Because of Isaiah’s testimony here and elsewhere, the Jews of that day should have understood how important the Messiah would become to peoples all over the world! This “root of Jesse,” this Son of David would not merely execute judgment on the nations, but also bring the way of love and salvation. He was to be not only Israel’s King, but also the world’s Savior.

Praise our Savior as the banner of the unreached peoples!

Yemeni Jewish People in Israel

Would you like to try a roasted locust? To the Yemeni Jewish population that has migrated to Israel, roasted locusts are a tasty treat! Will that be salted or unsalted?

According to a 2003 article in the Yemeni Times, since migrations began in the 1980s, 54,000 Yemeni Jews have moved to Israel. After being given dual citizenship, they fit well in the context of Israeli culture, while retaining their own culture to a large degree. The first Yemeni Jewish immigrants that migrated to Israel were usually not educated and did not have prestigious jobs. But as families have been raised in Israel and new young immigrants come, many receive education and training. Yemenis now occupy positions as teachers, engineers and other skilled jobs.

Yemeni Jews usually hold Yemen close to their hearts and they are proud to state their country of origin. According to the 2007 edition of The World Culture Encyclopedia, Yemeni Jews form communities and practice their culture within that sphere. They have their own synagogues where they practice their unique traditions. The culture is very relational, and there are frequently events for the community to gather together for food, dance, drums, and songs.

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Pray for the Yemeni Jews to include Jesus in their beautiful traditions. Pray for them to see how much Jesus loves them and wants their lives to count for His Kingdom.-KW

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