Daily Topic for December 17, 2008

Is. 9:6
"His Name will be called Wonderful Counselor, the Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace."

With just one week before Christmas, we pause to reflect upon the birth of our Savior. How can a child born in a manger express the nature of God’s rule? In this baby we can see the personal, reconciling work of God the Father. That which is “everlasting” has stepped into time and history. That which is beyond humanity has personally proclaimed the love of the “Father” for the whole world. The “peace” which eludes the grasp of warring empires can now be established by the presence of this “Prince.” This little baby proclaims in His very person the plan and purpose of a missionary God.

Thank the Father for bringing peace to our own hearts and relationships. Pray that He will honor His Name as we in turn serve as ministers of reconciliation among the nations.

Persian Jews in Israel and Iran

Friends and family in Israel gather to see their loved ones arrive from Iran. Iranian Jews have been emigrating out of Iran in droves since the revolution in 1979, but in 2007 alone 200 moved to Israel according to CNN. CNN gathered as the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews brought Iranian Jews to Israel, who expressed their thankfulness and joy to be exiting the Islamic republic. Jews are free to practice their religion in Iran, but there is fear of increasing anti-Semitism. Many Iranian Jews have taken this opportunity to leave the country.

Jerusalem Newswire (JN) said Jewish leaders in Iran were angry about the publicity of the emigrations because it reflected poorly on the remaining Jews in Iran. However, JN analysts believe that reaction was fueled more by fear of harm than by loyalty to Iran. Names have not been released, nor pictures of the immigrants to protect the Jewish population still in Iran. It is difficult to know exactly what is taking place because of media limitations. But God is in control, and He is the one we need to ask for the harvest.

According to CNN, there have been speculations by some Jews that evangelical Christians are bringing Jews to Israel to convert them to Christianity. Evangelical Christians have denied this claim.

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Pray for the protection of the Jews still in Iran. Pray for Jewish people in Iran and Israel to find peace in Christ. Pray that Evangelicals will be good ambassadors for Christ to the Persian Jews.-KW

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