Daily Topic for December 16, 2008

John 1:16
"From the fullness of His grace we have all received one blessing after another."

This verse goes on in verse 17 to say that “grace and truth” came through the Christ, born on Christmas. Many religious leaders claim to show the right way to live. Jesus actually did show the way to live, and He did much more. Focus on the word “blessing” for a minute. The birth of Jesus opened the door to the blessing of salvation for all nations. Now that is something to celebrate this Christmas!

Thank the Lord that His birth was a blessing for all the nations. Pray that you will remember His salvation as you celebrate His birth this month.

Kurdistani Jews in Israel

Jews and Muslims having peaceful relations? Though not a perfect relationship, there is hope in the relationship between Muslim Kurds and Jews who once lived in Kurdistan, a region that straddles parts of Iraq, Iran, Syria, and Turkey.

Israel has an extended history with the Muslim Kurds. Jews from Kurdistan began moving to Israel in the 16th century, but the majority traveled there in the “magic carpet” operation following World War II. The “magic carpet” operation moved Jews to Israel to protect them once Israel was declared a sovereign nation. Israelis can identify with the Muslim Kurds who yearn for their own sovereign homeland, and Israelis have made an ally of the Kurdish peoples.

Kurdish Muslims tend to have a greater receptivity to Israeli Jews than they do to Arab or Persian peoples. National Public Radio reported the story of a Kurdish Muslim and a Kurdish Jew marrying and returning to Iraq in secret. Not all is perfect, however. Kurdistani Jews in Israel are often seen by Israeli Jews as poorly educated and unsophisticated.

The first Kurdistani Jewish immigrants to Israel maintained their strong sense of tradition. However, the younger generation is becoming secularized and choose to dismiss Kurdish culture. One of the great accomplishments of this people, in the eyes of the Kurds, is the naming of Yitzhak Mordechai, an Iraqi Kurdistani immigrant, as Israel’s defense minister in 1996. The Joshua Project reports that there are few Christians in this people group.

Learn more at joshuaproject.net

Pray for the Kurdish Jews to seek Christ and carry Him in their hearts.-KW

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