Daily Topic for December 07, 2008

Luke 1:54-55
"He has helped His servant Israel, remembering to be merciful to Abraham and his descendants forever, even as He said to our fathers."

Mary praised God for giving her this baby, whom she recognized as a fulfillment of God’s covenant with Abraham. Jesus, son of David and son of Abraham, is the fulfillment and the foundation of God’s heart desire to bestow blessing after blessing. Though God had seen Israel stray far from obeying Him, He once again in great mercy and compassion, was drawing the nation back to Himself because of His covenant with Abraham. And this was not only for Israel’s sake, but also for all nations that were to be blessed through Abraham. The people of God in every age are confronted with a choice: will we give or hoard what we’ve freely received?

Pray that we will use the blessings of the Lord to bless the nations.

Musalaha Reconciliation Work

Musalaha advertises a strange summer camp activity- camel riding in the Negev or Arabah desert regions of southern Israel! Read on and find out why they chose the desert.

Musalaha is a non-profit organization, begun in 1990, that seeks to promote reconciliation between Israelis and Arab Palestinians as demonstrated in the life and teaching of Jesus. They try to be a facilitator of reconciliation, first among Palestinian Christians and Messianic Israelis (Jewish believers in Jesus), and then beyond to their separate religious communities. Musalaha has discovered that the desert is the ideal neutral atmosphere where participants are away from their comfort zones and are compelled to rely on each other.

For many, this is their first intimate encounter with the “other side.” Musalaha realizes that there are many divisive issues, such as truth and justice to be dealt with, but they have developed a strategy for first building up relationships and then dealing with these issues. These desert encounters start with children as young as nine years old, and then include others groups such as teens, young adults, women, and community leaders. They do share one common political agenda: to see peoples of the nations of the Middle East, especially Israeli Jews and Palestinian Arabs, reconciled by the gospel.

Learn more at joshuaproject.net

Pray for discernment for Musalaha as their members search for new workers and recruitment of their various activities. Pray that all those who attend these camps will be instruments for reconciliation in their homes and communities. Pray that Christ will be glorified through Musalaha.-JS

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