Daily Topic for December 04, 2008

Matt. 2:3
"When King Herod heard this he was disturbed, and all Jerusalem with him."

What?? It’s understandable that the power-mad Herod would not want the Messiah to be born. He knew that this was the beginning of the end for him. But what about the people of Jerusalem? These are supposed to be God’s children! Weren’t there many among them who were serious about their relationship with the God they worshipped at the Temple? How could it be that the Jewish people can be more spiritually dull than Gentile astrologers? Likewise, could we become spiritually dull during this Christmas season, as we focus on Christmas shopping and church events rather than the babe of Bethlehem?

Pray that we will have spiritual hunger for Jesus, and not settle for the materialism our culture offers this Christmas season.

Israeli Arabs

Ahmed lived In Israel, but he wasn’t Jewish. Even though his family was of Arabian decent, they continued to live in Israel after Israel’s independence in 1948. As he walked down the city street and gazed at the campaign posters, Ahmed felt frustrated. Nothing ever changed no matter who was elected to parliament. The Arab candidates broke as many promises as the Jewish ones. Ahmed shook his head and kept on walking. He needed to get to the employment interview, even though Arabs like himself rarely were hired. The good positions always went to the Jews.

The Arabs of Israel have been second-class citizens ever since Israel became an independent nation in 1948. They have few options. They may be poor by Israeli standards but they live better than their cousins in Egypt, Jordan or Syria. Many of these Arabs are confined to living in refugee camps with no way out. Frustration makes radicalism a serious temptation for this mostly Muslim people group. Terrorist organizations have made serious efforts to recruit Israeli Arabs.

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Pray that God will unmask terrorist organizations in Israel that are using Arab Muslims to kill and destroy. Pray for both peace and justice in Israel. Ask God to use even dreams and visions to lead Israeli Arabs to Jesus Christ, their only source of salvation.-WK

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