Daily Topic for December 03, 2008

Matt. 2:2b
"...We saw His star in the east and have come to worship Him."

The Gentile astrologers who traveled so many miles were determined to see the Savior of the world. Strange as it may seem, these people knew very little about the God of Abraham, yet they were willing to seek out the baby Jesus, at great peril to their lives. Could it be that there are people in today’s world from a Muslim, Hindu or Buddhist background who are also seeking the Savior?

Pray that frontier missionaries today will meet those who are seeking truth. Pray that truth seekers will encounter truth, and the truth will set them free.

Judeo-Berber Jews in Israel

(Continued from yesterday)

In 1959, Dr. Don Falkenberg, of Bible Literature International, learned of Rose Warmer’s efforts. He promised to provide her with every Bible she would ever need for her work. Thankfully, BLI friends kept that promise for 27 exciting years. Rose delivered Bibles to libraries, kibbutzim and schools throughout that tiny but eternally-strategic land. She was given Bibles in 30 languages, in addition to Hebrew, to help her reach the minds and hearts of Jews from many nations.

It was hard to see her message rejected by most of her fellow Jews in the prison camps. Now it has been just as hard to see it rejected by most of her fellow citizens in Israel. Never the less, because of Rose’s commitment, an encouraging number of Israeli Jews have come to know their true Messiah.

She knew that it would be difficult for anyone to carry on her work, so she established a “friendship society,” guaranteeing legal protection for the ministry, and trained five workers to follow in her footsteps. Because of such careful planning, after her death in Israel in September, 1986, Bible Literature International (BLI) renewed the commitment originally made to Rose in 1959: They will supply every Bible that is ever needed for the work in Israel. Today many Jews in Israel are still receiving the Word of Life through the continuation of Warmer’s work.-AL

Adapted from “Rose Warmer: 1909-1986” in The Quiet Miracle, November/ December 1986, by Jim Falkenberg, President, (BLI)

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Thank the Lord for His faithful Jewish servants today!

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