Daily Topic for November 30, 2008

Psalms 150: 6
"Let everything that has breath praise the Lord. Praise the Lord."

Thus, concludes the Psalms, the Bible’s worship guide. Notice how it ends, not with a call for an individual to praise Him. Nor does it end with the call for a congregation to worship His mighty Name. No, it ends with a call for “everything that has breath” to praise Him. In ending this powerful part of the Bible, you are left with the knowledge that we are part of something far bigger than we can possibly fathom: a call for everyone, including some from the unreached nations, to praise the Lord.

Pray that the Lord will speed the day when “everything” that has breath will indeed worship Him.

Turkmen of Turkmenistan

Turkmenistan’s former president, President Niyazov, required that all students read his book of philosophy and instituted a personality cult based on himself. Foreign language teachers were sent away. All churches had to register with the government, but they had to have more than 30 members. Thus Protestant house churches were deemed illegal, and only the Russian Orthodox churches were allowed to remain open alongside the largely empty mosques of the Sunni Muslim Turkmen majority. In 2001, Operation World called for prayer to change the situation. The situation changed when God acted (Romans 13). President Niyazov died in December 2006.

The new president has increasingly opened Turkmenistan to the outside world, ending Niyazov’s personality cult and nepotism. Turkmenistan’s new leaders are encouraging tourism and foreign investment, especially in gasoline and petroleum. Turkmen may now use the Internet. In September of this year, Turkmenistan revised their constitution.

Learn more at joshuaproject.net

Pray that the new constitution will indeed open Turkmenistan to the outside and grant genuine freedom of worship. Pray that the ethnic Turkmen church (500 believers) will grow spiritually. Pray that the Turkmen Old Testament will soon be completed. May Turkmen access to the Internet be used of God to put them in touch with resources that will lead them to Jesus. Pray that the Orthodox Church in Turkmenistan will get back to the biblical message of extending the Kingdom of God.-TP

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