Daily Topic for November 21, 2008

Psalms 87:4a
"I will record Rahab and Babylon among those who acknowledge Me..."

There are some who are His followers in most places on the globe. Until recently, there was a strong, traditional church in Iraq, a nation called here by her ancient name of Babylon. Remember that Babylon was most noted for her willful sins and hedonism. But God reached many in that nation to become part of His glorious Kingdom. Today, these Christians are fleeing from the Muslim majority, and God is raising up new bodies of believers from the Islamic majority. Whom will He reach next?

Pray that the Holy Spirit will pierce the hearts of many Muslims in Iraq. Pray for Him to grant peace, hope and love for His children in Iraq.

Azeris of Azerbaijan and Iran

Last spring, nuclear heat-isolating equipment passed through Azerbaijan into Iran. Russia sent the equipment and insisted it did not breach UN sanctions. Time will tell!

Though we don’t hear much about Azerbaijan, its presence between Russia and Iran makes it a crucial ally for Western nations. The second-longest pipeline in the world runs through the Azerbaijani countryside and delivers nearly one million barrels of oil to Western markets daily. Their government’s share was $4.7 billion in 2007, while impoverished Azeri people have gained little. However, oil companies are beginning to see how investing in the local communities can foster good will and safeguard their investments. Thus, British Petroleum (BP) is starting to hire local Azeri horsemen to patrol the pipeline. They also are building water-purification systems, medical clinics, schools, parks, and roads.

Over 20 million Azeri people live in Azerbaijan and Iran. Traditionally, they have identified more with Islam than with their ethnicity. Recently, some Azeri people have been considering other belief systems, and New Age philosophy is gaining ground. This is the time to pray diligently for the Azeris.

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Pray that God will raise up a great army of prayer warriors to fight the spiritual battle taking place among the Azeri people. Ask God to send faithful businessmen and others who will effectively share the good news of Christ with the Azeris.-AK

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