Daily Topic for November 19, 2008

Psalms 71:19b
"Who, O God, is like You?"

Can anyone honestly say that they created a galaxy? Absolutely not! No one is like the Lord! But mankind is constantly trying to shrink the Lord and put Him on the same god shelf as all the others. In the interest of political correctness, Westerners refuse to acknowledge that Christ is far above all others. Members of unreached people groups have been deceived into worshipping spirits that cannot help them. To not acknowledge His superiority over all others is to lie. Worship today, this unique and all powerful God!

Pray that the unreached nations will soon know that the Creator is far beyond any god they worship.

Pray for the Persian Church

“The church in Iran is like a rose petal; the more you press it, the sweeter the perfume.” This quote, stated by Persian martyr Pastor Mehdi Dibaj, sums up what has been taking place in the Persian Iranian church since the 1979 Revolution. As the government continues its push to destroy anything Western, the Persian people are meeting in secret to seek the ways of Christ.

According to Canada Free Press, apostasy is currently punishable by death in Muslim Iran, but it is not a required punishment. However, there is a proposal before the Iranian government that would require mandatory execution for those who leave Islam for another religion.

Canada Free Press reports that house churches are doubling in size every six months, although there is no way to safely verify the actual number. Police raids have resulted in members of these house churches being arrested and interrogated. If they are caught worshipping or witnessing in prison, they are punished even more severely. New believers receive training in house churches as well as by the prevalent satellite TV broadcasting.

Learn more at joshuaproject.net

Thank the Lord for this move of His Holy Spirit! Pray for easy flow of Farsi language materials to the right people. Pray that the Persian people will look to biblical teaching and to Jesus for life’s answers. Pray for a spiritual revolution in Iran that will lead millions of Persians to put their trust in the King of Kings.-KW

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