Daily Topic for November 17, 2008

Psalms 67:4
"May the nations be glad and sing for joy, for You rule the peoples justly and guide the nations of the earth."

As a follower of Christ, you know that the nations urgently need to hear of His justice, mercy and salvation. But as the father of modern missions, William Carey, pointed out over 200 years ago, most people don’t have a choice to choose Christ. For centuries their forefathers have offered them something other than God’s perfect ways. Isn’t it only right that they have the chance to be glad and sing for joy to the One who rules justly and guides the nations? Don’t they have the right to worship the only One worthy of our praise? Don’t we owe them that chance?

May God’s rule soon extend to the unreached peoples!

Bahá‘is in Iran

Since 1979, Iranian authorities have killed more than 200 Bahá‘i leaders, and thousands have been arrested. By May of this year they have arrested seven more.

The Bahá‘i faith began in Persia (present day Iran). Their founder, Bahá‘u’lláh, was a Persian nobleman. In the 1800s he began a faith, where according to a Bahá‘i web site (bahai.org) “there is only one God, there is only one human race, and all the world’s religions represent stages in the revelation of God’s will….” Bahá‘u’lláh claimed to be the latest in a line of people God has used to reveal his will to humankind-a line that includes the likes of Moses, Buddha, Christ, and Muhammad.

It is this latter claim that brings the Bahá‘i community into conflict with all Muslim states, since Islam teaches that Mohammad was the ultimate prophet of God. So in the land of its birth, present followers experience unrelenting persecution and opposition.

History shows that groups generally unify in the face of opposition. Such is the case for Bahá‘is. A Bahá‘i spokesman says, “time and again, Bahá‘is have been offered their freedom [from Iranian prisons] if they recant their Bahá‘i beliefs and convert to Islam, an option few have taken.”

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Pray that Christ would reveal his uniqueness to these courageous people. Pray that believers in Iran will bridge the divide and show the love of Christ to their Bahá‘i countrymen.-EF

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