Daily Topic for November 16, 2008

Psalms 66:13
"I will come to Your temple with burnt offerings, and fulfill my vows to You..."

Whom but the Almighty Creator and Savior is worthy of our sacrifices and vows? None! Have you made any promises to God? In a way, when you first accepted His salvation, you promised to serve Him for eternity. That is what we mean when we call Him Lord. Have you promised to take His Kingdom to the nations? In the day to day, it’s hard to stay focused making a sacrifice of praise and intercession for the lost. Today, let us return to our vows.

Pray that those who have promised to take His kingdom to the nations, will do it soon.

Hazara People in Iran and Afghanistan

Hazaras have no place to go! Everywhere they turn they are outcasts. Their facial features identify them as descendants of the Mongol conquerors of centuries past. Their homeland in the center of Afghanistan has seen decades of war. As Shi’ite Muslims in a Sunni country, they take an additional blow of persecution as infidels. As a result, thousands have fled to Iran, a Shi’ite country.

But even in Iran they receive no sanctuary. Easily identified by their Mongol appearance, they again face rejection. After 20 years or more living in Iran, that government seeks to repatriate them. But those who return to Afghanistan report few jobs and scarce food. So Iran’s refugees seek to stay put.

In February, National Geographic documented some improvement in their homeland situation. Some have received education. Those who resettle in Kabul, Afghanistan have started businesses. So the Hazaras hope for improvement. Still they labor at strenuous jobs. And they hope.

In their home state of Barmian, outside agencies recently built a bridge over a river that divided the region. This eased tensions with neighboring Tajiks and improved prospects of bringing produce to market.

But the Hazaras in Iran remain in limbo, unwanted where they live and unwelcome in their ancient home. Uncertainty often opens hearts to good news.

Learn more at joshuaproject.net

Pray that Christian service agencies can build a bridge to the hearts and minds of Hazara leaders. Pray that Christ will reveal Himself to this people group while they are in a state of flux.-EF

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