Daily Topic for November 13, 2008

Psalms 57: 9
"I will praise You, O Lord, among the nations; I will sing of You among the peoples."

One of the most successful missionary efforts came from St. Patrick and his English Celtic missionaries who went to Ireland. They didn’t preach the gospel, they sang it! From castle to castle, village to village, these missionaries praised the Lord, and drove the “snake” out of Ireland. After 15 years, all but Ireland’s southern regions were completely reached. This new church fanned out, first into the forests of Ireland, then into continental Europe to sing His praises. Worship is a powerful force in today’s world. It ushers us into His presence, and empowers us to do His work.

Pray for worshipping missionaries to go to the unreached parts of Africa, and the uttermost parts of the world where His Word is not known.

Alevi Muslims in Turkey

Musicians sang praise songs with electric guitars at the Islamic gathering consisting of dozens of people in Turkey. They sang a type of music most Turkish Sunni Muslims considered scandalous because it sounded like Western-style rock and roll. But the worshippers weren’t Westerners, they were Turkish Alevi Muslims. The Alevis are a powerful minority in the central mountain provinces of Turkey and neighboring Syria.

Most Muslims consider the Alevi to be heretics. They don’t face toward Mecca when they pray, or fast during Ramadan or make pilgrimages to Mecca. Their concept of alms giving is also different. The Alevis are about as related to mainstream Islam as Mormons are related to Evangelical Christianity. But like mainstream Muslims, the Alevis consider Jesus Christ to be a prophet and not the Son of God who can save them.

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Ask God to open the hearts of the Alevis to the message of salvation. Pray that God would raise up faithful workers to reach out to this Turkish religious minority. Pray that God would even use dreams and visions to show this people group that He is the only true path to salvation. May Alevis one day praise Jesus Christ as the One they trust and follow.-WK

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