Daily Topic for November 12, 2008

Psalms 49:15, NIV
"But God will redeem my life from the grave; He will surely take me to Himself."

We are redeemed, forgiven and transformed. So much to be thankful for! This is a great verse to use when explaining the rewards for following Christ. But isn’t our faith more than a ticket to heaven? Shouldn’t we be concerned for those who don’t know and have no way to know until someone goes to them? Shouldn’t we be praying fervently for them? Entire nations still wait to hear; some of them include millions of people.

Pray that the Lord will strengthen us to pray for the unreached peoples this month, so that they can experience His merciful salvation.


Emine lay in bed in her apartment, partially paralyzed after being beaten by her husband months ago. She waited for the arrival of trusted friends and family members to take care of her. All alone right now, in a small town in Central Turkey, Emine lived in fear. Her abusive husband had recently been released from prison. Being a Muslim she yearned to pray to Allah, but couldn’t get out of bed to face in the direction of Mecca.

Most Turks are moderate Sunni Muslims, wanting nothing to do with violent behavior or Muslim fanatics. But they follow closely the teachings of the Koran, which many Turks believe gives an inferior place to women. Domestic abuse is a growing problem in Turkey, and Islam has been powerless to stop this disturbing new trend. According to Operation World, Christians make up less than one percent of the Turkish population. Ironically, this is one of the key parts of the world where the Church once grew and sent out missionaries.

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Pray that God would open the hearts of the Turkish people to salvation in Christ. May God use even dreams and visions to show the Turks the way to their Savior. Ask God to put an end to domestic abuse in Turkey. Pray that Turks will notice the church history around them and enter into God’s plan for the world.-WK

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