Daily Topic for November 11, 2008

Psalms 67:3
"May the peoples praise You, O God; may all the peoples praise You."

Because of the compelling love of Jesus (cf. (2 Cor. 5:14), this psalm can be the prayer of our hearts, that the whole earth may receive the blessing of Abraham which we have received through Christ. Perhaps this psalm was on Charles Wesley’s heart when he wrote the words to his hymn, “O for a thousand tongues to sing my great Redeemer’s praise.” The second verse of that hymn reminds us that it is God, our gracious Master, who assists us “to spread through all the earth abroad, the honors of (His) Name.”

Pray that His ways will soon be known on earth, and His salvation among all nations.

Grangali (Nangalami) People

Omar sloshed some goat milk out of the pail as he brought it into the kitchen. “Watch it!” his mother scolded, as he slipped on the small puddle of milk on his way out. Before she could say any more, Omar dashed to the corral where his older cousin, Sandril, was chanting verses of the Koran in Arabic while bringing hay to the mules. When Sandril stopped his chanting, Omar said, “I keep wondering something. All of us boys keep memorizing parts of the Koran, and the imam tells us that we are all equal before Allah.” “That’s right,” interjected Sandril. Omar continued. “But people aren’t equal here, and we are all Muslims. The Pushtuns control our lives. Even among all the other Grangali people, some are better than others. The landowners make all the decisions, while the carpenters, weavers and blacksmiths have to do whatever they say.”

With a population of only 32,000, the Grangalis, also known as the Nangalamis, are one of the smaller people groups of Afghanistan. They have been Muslims since the 9th century, and there is not a single follower of Christ among them so far as we know.

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Pray that Christ’s glory and beauty will be revealed to these Sunni Muslims in such a way that they will not let anything stop them from following Him. Pray that they will soon have access to radio broadcasts and gospel recordings in a language that they can understand.-KC

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