Daily Topic for November 08, 2008

Psalms 37:4
"Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart."

This is one of the Bible’s most quoted verses, yet one of the hardest ones to live up to. We delight ourselves in the Lord. We want Him to give us the desires of our hearts. But we often forget that unless we delight ourselves in Him enough to want what He wants, we will settle for self-centered desires of our hearts. One of the desires of His hearts is to see the nations streaming to His kingdom. Is that the desire of your heart?

Pray that the Holy Spirit will prompt us to desire what He wants for the nations.

Aimaq People of Afghanistan

Not only does war leave an impression on a culture, but also on the works of artists who reflect the culture. “War Rugs” first appeared in 1986 amid the ten-year occupation of the Soviet Union in Afghanistan. Woven by the Aimaq people of northern Afghanistan and neighboring Iran, some depict specific battles or moments in history, such as Russian vehicles leaving the area.

The Aimaq’s war rugs reflect the folk art of these semi-nomadic people. Textiles have been a big part of their lives. The devastating effects of war can be noted in the disappearance of many of these nomadic people and their creations.

Due to their nomadic lifestyle, the Aimaqs have often hired themselves out transporting heavy items. They are a racially mixed group of people made up of four major tribes and 250 sub-tribes. The Aimaqs have never been politically united, but they have joined together for their mutual protection from invaders. Their tribal customs remain stronger than Afghan nationalism and even Islamic religion. Tribal law vested in village leaders usually trumps government authority and even some Islamic rules.

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Pray for opportunities to share Christ in a culturally appropriate way with these village leaders who have such a great influence over their people. Pray that the peace of Christ will come to the war-ravaged Aimaqs. Pray that these Sunni Muslims will soon question the way things have always been done, and embrace the hope and purposes of Christ.-JS

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