Daily Topic for November 07, 2008

Psalms 29:11
"The Lord gives strength to His people; the Lord blesses His people with peace."

God is our constant source of strength. Without His strength, we could not endure the daily struggles of following His ways. He gives us supernatural strength each day whether we know it or not. Those who have no access to Christ do not have a way to share this glorious strength. One of the reasons He strengthens us to extend His kingdom to such people. Are we willing to be strengthened for this purpose?

Pray for God’s strength to pray without ceasing for the lost nations.

Pushtun People of Pakistan and Afghanistan

“He is no Pushtun who does not give a blow for a punch.” The old proverb reveals much about the passionate Pushtuns of Afghanistan and Pakistan. They love or hate with equal intensity. They are Afghanistan’s largest people group representing 40 percent of the population. They live in the southern and eastern areas of Afghanistan as well as in neighboring Pakistan where tribal loyalties see no political boundaries.

The Taliban primarily come from the Pushtuns, and recent months have seen marked increases in violence from these insurgents. Afghanistan is desperately poor and has depended on the opium trade to survive. BBC News reports that the drug trade supports the insurgents’ efforts by collecting “taxes” from farmers and offering “protection” for them and the transportation of opium. According to the Christian Science Monitor, Afghanistan is responsible for 92 percent of global opium output. Efforts to eradicate poppies and encourage farmers to grow other crops have largely failed. Joblessness contributes to the cycle of poverty and despair with the end result perpetuating the opium trade. Not only are Pushtuns involved in the opium trade, but now many have fallen victim to its addiction. Aid agencies say drug use is now the fastest growing problem in Afghanistan.

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Pray for the Pushtun peoples in Afghanistan and Pakistan to find hope and a purpose in Christ. Pray for restored irrigation and for alternate crops that can be lucrative for Pushtun farmers.-JS

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