Daily Topic for November 06, 2008

Psalms 29: 4
"The voice of the Lord is powerful; the voice of the Lord is majestic."

I have often told Perspectives classes that if I had a million dollars to give to one group, it would be Wycliffe Bible Translators. Why? The voice of the Lord is powerful, and He speaks through His Word, the Bible! Throughout Church history, you can see that the nations that have His Word can stand up to adversity and persecution. Those that have fellowships, but no Bible, often cannot. The voice of the Lord is powerful and majestic, and we can experience it by reading His Word. Shouldn’t others have that experience as well?

Pray that the nations will experience the voice of the Lord through the efforts of Wycliffe Bible Translators as they make Him known. Pray for accuracy in Bible translation projects.

Ismaili Muslims in Pakistan

Fatima sauntered to the Ismaili mosque with her family in her modest but somewhat Westernized garb. She kneeled along with her mother, father and two brothers on separate but adjacent prayer carpets. She goes to a coeducational Ismaili school which provides an outstanding education following the British system.

In 1947 Pakistan was formed to establish a home for Muslims who wanted to be separated from the Hindus of India. Today there is bloodshed between Muslim factions, with more than 4,000 killed in sectarian violence since 1947. Ismailis make up the second largest Shi’ite Muslim community in the world, but they are seen by rival Sunnis as having blasphemous beliefs. The Asia Times reports that the anger appears to be due more to the large influence in education that the Ismailis wield than their religious bent. The Ismailis are frightened that they will be ostracized as the Ahmadiyyas have been, persecuted and targets of mob violence.

There are many Ismaili immigrants to the U.S. and other lands. A good number suffer from depression after their arrival.

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Pray that believers will reach out in love and friendship to Ismaili immigrants and that the cruel persecution of Shi’ite Muslims in Pakistan will open the door for evangelism. Pray that missionaries will be called to reach this unreached people group for Jesus Christ, that their hearts be softened and prepared, and that they will be lovingly blessed by God with wholeness and healing through Jesus.-PE

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