Daily Topic for November 04, 2008

Psalms 19:1
"The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of His hands."

I once saw a telephone book with a spectacular picture of the cosmos on the cover of it. It read, “The heavens declare the glory.” What was missing? Who gets the glory! All peoples on the face of the earth can look in the sky and see the glory of their Maker. Some, like the secularist who edited this verse, have decided to ignore that the glory belongs to the Lord. Others, perhaps representatives of unreached people groups, can look up into the sky and see that there is a Creator who alone is worthy of our worship.

Pray that the unreached peoples today will see His glory in nature all around them, and respond by giving Him praise.

Baloch Peoples of Pakistan

Visitors say it looks like Mars. The locals say it is where Allah threw the garbage left from creation. Balochistan’s arid wasteland contains a small cultural flower, struggling to survive the ravishes of both land and man.

The Baloch peoples are sparse in numbers, poor in water and resources, oppressed by armed insurgents and government military. Yet they are a formidable enemy to anyone who stands against them.

Grazing camels explode landmines buried by both sides of the separatist struggle against Pakistan. Baloch boys are swept from the arms of their rural mothers to be tied to the backs of racing camels for the amusement of the wealthy in Persian Gulf states. Their terrified screams are thought to make the camels run faster. Needless to say, there is death and injury for these boys. Are the Baloch peoples hopelessly lost in this place where evil reigns? Never! God seeks the prayers of the saints to move His hand in mercy.

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Pray that He will cast down and destroy the strongholds of the evil one who is destroying the Baloch peoples. Pray that radios and Christian broadcasts, Baloch-speaking missionaries, understandable Bibles and Christian literature, video presentations, and all other ways of communicating the gospel will rain down in this rainless place. Pray that a tsunami of the Holy Spirit will convict and teach and woo and win many Baloch families for the Kingdom of God.-PE

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