Daily Topic for October 29, 2008

Ruth 4:13-17
"So Boaz took Ruth and she became his wife. And the Lord enabled her to conceive, and she gave birth to a son.... And they named him Obed. He was the father of Jesse, the father of David."

Through this woman of Moab, who was willing to leave her own people and become part of the people of God, the Lord brought a son who was the grandfather of the great King David and an ancestor in the line of Israel’s even greater king, the Lord Jesus Christ. In fact, Matthew’s gospel lists Ruth as one of three Gentile women (along with Tamar and Rahab) in the genealogy of Jesus Christ. God’s love for Gentiles, stated in the Abrahamic Covenant, is beautifully displayed in this wonderful story.

Pray that you will be a blessing to the unreached families of the world.

Chang-Pa People of Kashmir, India

The Chang-Pa man led his goat to his neighbor’s tent and asked, “Will you strangle my goat for me?” In the Chang-Pa culture it is a sin to kill an animal. The men are responsible for butchering and preserving meat, but they get others to slaughter their animals by suffocation. As the men work on the meat, they utter prayers for forgiveness for having killed the animal. Their Lamaistic form of Buddhism is dominated by the occult.

This nomadic group of 7,000 live in northeast Kashmir, India. They raise sheep, goats, yaks, and horses, and they live in yak hair tents year round. The clans travel between four pasture locations each year. It is often difficult to locate the Chang-Pas because they are known to pick up and move in the middle of the night because of their fears of evil spirits. The main contact they have with the outside world is through their trade in cashmere and pashmina wools. Contact with the Chang-Pa people requires one to travel with them at least for short periods. Anyone trying to make friends with them must be very fit for living at high altitudes. YWAM has visited the area. There are two known believers.

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Pray for a “fit for living at high altitudes” team to join the Chang-Pas and share Christ with them.-JS

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