Daily Topic for October 28, 2008

Ruth 3:12-13
"There is a kinsman-redeemer nearer than I.... If he wants to redeem, good...if he is not willing I will do it."

This statement by the kinsman-redeemer, Boaz, was especially significant because Ruth was not Jewish. It was difficult for Israel to understand how God could love any other nation, but through the example of Boaz and his willingness to redeem Ruth, God demonstrated His great love for Gentiles. How extraordinary it is, even today, for the average Christian to be willing to reach across cultural barriers and lovingly make Christ known. We revel in our blessings, yet too rarely share them with people different from ourselves.

Pray that you will unselfishly reach out to others.

Humli-Khyampa People

“You are the salt of the earth” (Matt.5:13, NIV). Salt has always been a valuable commodity, and Jesus knew it as he compared his followers to salt. Salt is still very valuable and is the main source of income for the Humli-Khyampa nomads of the Humla district of western Nepal. For centuries they have exploited an economic niche in their society as traders of first Tibetan salt and later Indian salt for Nepalese rice. The brief summer is the only time for trade across the Tibetan border. The Humli-Khyampas live year round in yak hair tents which they weatherproof with yak butter. Khyampa means “wanderer.”

UNESCO and the Nepal Trust are in partnership to stimulate tourism in the Humla district and promote economic opportunities and employment for the Humli people. Some are trained as trekking guides, some as cook trainees and others as kayakers. For the next three years the Nepal Trust will be leading treks run by the Humli people to the Limi and Halji valleys to both renovate and view the cultural sights there.

Until recently the Humli-Khyampas were isolated from communication with the outside world and even other areas of Nepal, but they now have radio. As they listen to government broadcasts, they eagerly return to their villages and discuss what they have heard.

Learn more at joshuaproject.net

Pray that Christian radio can penetrate the area and the hearts of the Humli-Khyampa people so that they can become “the salt of the earth.”-JS

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