Daily Topic for October 22, 2008

Jud. 13:5
"The boy is to be a Nazirite, set apart to God from birth."

The birth of Samson was announced to his parents in a special way because he was a special son. He was to deliver his people from their enemies, the Philistines. In the same way that Samson was set apart from birth for God’s special purposes, we have been set apart by our “new birth.” We are “sanctified in Christ Jesus and called to be holy” (1 Cor. 1:2). God wants to use us in a special way to accomplish His purpose among the nations. He has set us apart for service as well as for worship.

Thank the Lord for your new birth, and for the new birth of those who will accept the invitation to become part of His Kingdom.

Jat People

Labh, a businessman, was talking with his bank President about the tragic suicides occurring among Jat farmers in Punjab. “The Jats always used to say, ‘We may break, but we won’t bend.’ It meant they would never give up. These competent people started using new agricultural methods over 35 years ago. The result was they produced the largest crops in South Asia which fed millions. Tragically, several years ago they began to have problems with their crops primarily due to soil erosion, water shortage and insects. The old expression has changed, and now many Jat farmers would rather commit suicide than break or ask for help! I hope my meeting with several of their leaders will make a difference. If we don’t provide loans, these people will suffer.”

Numbering about 30 million, Jats are primarily located in northwestern India and southern Pakistan, although they can be found in other parts of the world. They have a strong ethnic identity. Most Jats live in rural areas like the state of Punjab. Some are nomadic herdsmen. Successful achievers, a number now participate in blue and white-collar jobs, trade and commerce. They are divided into three religions. Those who live in Pakistan are Muslim. Those in India are either Hindu or Sikh. There are only a tiny number of believers among the Jats.

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Pray that believers will bring hope and joy to suffering Jat farmers. Pray that God’s children will bring spiritual and physical relief to Jat farmers and nomads.-PD

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