Daily Topic for October 11, 2008

Josh. 7:9
"The Canaanites and the other people of the country will hear about this (defeat) and they will surround us and wipe our name from the earth. What then will You do for Your own great Name?"

At first, Joshua’s response to the defeat at Ai predictably focused on the shame and reproach it brought to Israel. Then Joshua realized that the defeat would encourage the peoples of Canaan to despise Israel’s God as well. Are we, as God’s people, aware of the impact of our sin and disobedience on the nations of the earth today? Are we concerned about the scorn our spiritual weakness brings on the name of our God? Are we concerned enough to repent, confess our sin, and seek holiness?

Pray that we will bring glory, not shame to His great Name, so that the nations will be drawn to Him. Pray for a teachable, repentant heart.

Birhor People

The school administrator stared out the window then sighed and cradled his head in his hands. “Not again!” He watched while a young Birhor student scampered down the drainpipe and lay down on the ground under the stars, shunning his comfortable bed at the government school dormitory for the more familiar outdoors. Schooling the Birhor male children has become a trial for school deans as the children keep running away and don’t change their traditional ways.

At first Birhor parents refused to return their children to school. They said that their tribe of only about 2,000 is nearly extinct, so they need these boys to marry and father children before they can leave their traditional setting. But when it was explained that they had only two more years to study before they would be eligible for government jobs, the parents told the boys they would not be accepted back into the village if they ran away again.

The Birhor people are the nomadic rope-makers of the forest. They are looked down upon by the Hindus because they eat monkeys which they catch in the forest. They believe they were destined to wander because their ancestor, who was a prince and the eldest son of a king, lost a horse race to his brother and so lost the throne.

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Pray that the Birhors will embrace the Son of the King who has not lost His throne and wants them to become part of His Kingdom.-PE

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