Daily Topic for October 06, 2008

Josh. 4:23-24
"For the Lord your God dried up the Jordan...that all the peoples of the earth might know that the hand of the Lord is powerful and so that you might always fear the Lord your God."

Do you have an experience that clearly demonstrates His workings in your life? One of the “pointers” for the children of Israel was His miracle of moving the water of the Jordan River so they could cross in safety. The nations could see the powerful hand of the Lord. There were two great purposes of this miracle. One was to preserve the Israelites. Secondly, it showed the nations the hand of the One who can always be trusted.

Pray that God will show you your Jordan River experience, and use it to increase your faith in times of doubt. Pray that He will use your renewed faith to bless the nations.

Garhwali People

They consider Christianity to be shallow and defiling. They also reject Indian Christians, and consider missionaries to be hated foreigners. These are the Garhwali Hindus.

The Garhwali people number 1,600,000, and they reside in northwestern India and especially in Jammu and Kashmir. They migrate annually and make the most of the mountain slopes of the Himalayas for both pastoralism and subsistence agriculture. They take advantage of the mountain slopes to make their terraced fields. They speak Garhwali, which has eight dialects, but because their mountain communities are very isolated, there are also many variations of Garhwali dialects.

There is very little literature in any Garhwali language. The New Testament was completed in 1827 and has been out of print for some time. A revision is now being done and portions are available. There are about five mission agencies active among them, but with such a vast territory to cover, they are stretched extremely thin. It is rare for Garhwalis to turn to Christ, but some do listen to Christian radio broadcasts.

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Pray for an abundant spiritual harvest to come from these broadcasts. Pray that God will raise up many workers who have a sensitive spirit and a zeal to glorify God by taking the gospel to wherever the Garhwalis live. Pray too for the small minority of Garhwali believers who need to be encouraged to reach out to their own people.-MH

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