Daily Topic for October 05, 2008

Josh. 4:5-6
"Each of you is to take up a stone...to serve as a sign among you."

As the people of Israel moved through Canaan in obedience to God’s will, the landscape became littered with strange piles of rocks! They were piled up by the Israelites as memorials to God’s special deliverance or provision in times of need. Today God is creating new kinds of memorials - not piles of rocks, but “living stones,” people who know Christ and are banded together in worshipping congregations throughout the world. Could each of these congregations be used of Him to duplicate themselves among still unreached nations?

Pray that He will empower you and your church to establish a witness among those that have not yet heard.

Jogi People

With a long cloth on his shoulder, Rampal carries cobras, pythons and rat snakes in small baskets. Another container holds herbal medicines plus a snake-charming pipe. At 28, he has learned much from his father. Now independent, only his eight-year-old daughter, Aasha, assists him. Rampal’s family belongs to the nomadic Jogis, a people group considered holy in South Asia.

As he sets up his equipment, Rampal hears the plod and grunt of a camel. Looking up, he greets Prakash, another Jogi. Before motorized transport, many Jogis earned a living by the strength and endurance of their camels. Now Prakash must lure tourists and children of the wealthy. Tinkling bells and flapping harness broadcast the camel’s approach. Prakash’s son runs ahead to spot prospective customers. Meanwhile Aasha opens her boxes. Boas, giant lizards and scorpions crawl out. At her father’s direction she handles first one, then another to the amazement of the newly-formed crowd.

The wandering Jogis have spread throughout northern India, even as far south as Bangalore. They speak a variety of languages. Whether their trade involves snakes, camels or whatever, they gradually migrate from place to place. With ragged tents on the edge of town, they stay until property owners insist they leave.

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Pray that God will call workers into the harvest field of the Jogi people. Pray that followers of Jesus will demonstrate the love of Christ to the Jogis.-EF

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