Daily Topic for October 04, 2008

Josh. 3:2-4
"When you see the ark of the covenant...follow it.... Then you will know which way to go, since you have never been this way before."

Because of their unbelief and rebellion at Kadesh Barnea, the people of Israel had wandered for 40 years in the wilderness, following their old trails and using their old campsites. Now it was time to move ahead in faith and obedience. But how? They didn’t know where to go. They had never been this way before. God said, “Follow me.” We face the challenge of about 10,000 unreached people groups. In order to plant churches among these cultures, we must discover His plans to reach them. Will He show us something in their culture that will help them to understand Christ’s redeeming sacrifice? As we reach out in obedience to Christ’s Great Commission, we can depend on Him to show the way.

Pray that God will clearly show His ways to missionaries trying to find the key to endearing the nations to the one, true Savior.

Mirasi People of India and Pakistan

Joyful music drifted through the night air to my second floor hotel room. From the balcony I saw a small parade. A groom marched at the front, followed by ragtag musicians. People carried lamps around the perimeter. At the end a young woman rode a horse. Her face remained veiled, but her posture conveyed humble pride. My hosts assured me this was a typical Hindu wedding.

Now I learn that those ragtag musicians belong to the Mirasi people group. One of the ways they earn a living is by providing music for special events. Most of the Mirasis are Hindus, but some are Muslim. They live and travel throughout the northern states of India and into eastern Pakistan.

In Pakistan a small community of Mirasis who trust in Christ has survived. Foreign believers have distributed cassettes, Bibles and New Testaments to the Mirasis in Pakistan. When will someone show the Mirasis their picture in the Bible? Can you see the heavenly Groom leading the parade with his friends? Can you see the spotless Bride of Christ following? Though they don’t know it, each time the Mirasis play and sing for a wedding parade they symbolically proclaim the return of Christ!

Learn more at joshuaproject.net

Pray that the biblical materials being distributed will reach the hearts of Mirasi leaders who will turn to Christ and invite others to do the same. Pray that the Mirasi people will read of the heavenly bridegroom in Revelation, and decide to become part of His bride.-EF

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