Daily Topic for September 28, 2008

Gen. 46:3
"Do not be afraid to go down to Egypt, for I will make you into a great nation there."

The sovereignty of God in missions has always included a mysterious dimension to it. The irony of God’s instruction to Jacob is that his method of making Israel into a great nation was to allow them to become the servants of the Egyptians. Although counter-intuitive, Jesus said the same thing to his disciples, and demonstrated it by laying down his life. The means by which the nations will be won to Christ is not likely to be the means we would choose. It is the way of sacrifice, and the way of patiently waiting on God. For Israel, God purposed that they would live among the Egyptians for 400 years. Around this time, Egypt developed a monotheistic faith under Pharaoh Akhenaten. Though short-lived, it demonstrates the power of “presence-evangelism” to impact an entire nation.

Pray for a “salt and light” long-term witness among every unreached people.

Dhanuk people

For hundreds of years, the Dhanuk people of India have been “untouchables,” and were allowed to perform only the most menial tasks. One of their duties was to remove “night soil” (sewage) and clean latrines. Prohibited from mixing with higher caste people, they were banned from most public places. Forbidden to draw water from the same wells as caste Hindus, they had to find separate sources of drinking water. In public streets, they carried brooms to eradicate their footprints that would contaminate a person of higher status. During the 20th century, reformers worked to elevate the plight of these people and began to refer to “untouchables” such as the Dhanuks as Dalits.

However, change is slow. A few Dhanuks have low-ranking government jobs, and affirmative action programs provide job opportunities for them, but most Dhanuks are poor agricultural laborers, construction workers, basket weavers, and midwives. Their literacy rate is low-under 20 percent for men, and under 10 percent for women.

The Dhanuks are a Hindu community. Their dead are cremated and the remains placed in a river. Women use vermillion and iron or shell wristlets to indicate they are married.

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Pray that the Dhanuks will hear the gospel and know that God considers no one to be “untouchable” who calls on the Name of Jesus. Pray that the JESUS Film and gospel radio programs will become widely available to Dhanuk communities.-JWS

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