Daily Topic for September 27, 2008

Gen. 41:38
"So Pharaoh asked them, 'Can we find anyone like this man, one in whom is the spirit of God?'"

These words from the most powerful ruler in the world concerning Joseph are a testimony to how serious God was about His promise to Joseph’s great grandfather Abraham. He promised him that all nations on earth would be blessed through him and his descendants. Then in short order the Covenant Keeper proceeded to carry out his plan by placing one of Abraham’s descendants as second in command over the world’s greatest superpower. This account also reveals to us the way in which God intends to work through His people, that leaders of nations are important in God’s plan, and He desires to influence them through His prophetic representatives. We will see this happening over and again in Scripture from Moses to Solomon to Daniel to the Apostle Paul.

Pray that leaders from every remaining frontier people might surrender their lives to the King of Kings.

Dhobi People

The old Indian man slowly straightens up from his bowed position as his young grandson waits impatiently. It is the first time the boy has been allowed to accompany the older boys and men to the river, and he is eager to begin. But first they must bow to the washing stone. As their ancestors before them, they earn their meager living by washing clothes for the higher castes. They are Dhobis, one of India’s Dalit communities. Their diet is mostly vegetables and grains, with an occasional bit of meat.

When a Dhobi girl marries, her dowry usually contains just a few items, but almost always an iron. After the men wash the customers’ clothes, the women iron them and keep the money they earn to pay for household expenses. Mothers teach the girls to iron at an early age, and boys help their fathers by washing the smaller articles of clothing and by delivering packages of clean clothes to their owners.

Most of the Dhobis follow popular Hinduism and worship local gods as well as the washing stones. The vast majority of these Dalits remain Hindu, but they have contact with other communities.

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Pray that the Dhobi people will hear the gospel and discover that Jesus Christ can wash away their sins. Pray that believers will tactfully share gospel recordings and play Christian radio broadcasts for Dhobi Hindus. Pray that the Holy Spirit will give faith to the Dhobis.-JWS

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