Daily Topic for September 23, 2008

Gen. 18:24-25
"Then Abraham approached Him and said, 'Will you sweep away the righteous with the wicked? What if there are 50 righteous people in the city?'"

Perhaps the most remarkable thing about this passage is not Abraham’s boldness to ask such confrontational questions of God, but God’s positive response to these questions. Nowhere in the history of any religion do we find such a camaraderie between the Creator God and man as we do in this account. God literally says, “I cannot hide from Abraham what I am going to do” (Gen. 18:17), and then allows His friend to question Him on His actions. The precedent God is establishing here is clear. The Abrahamic Covenant of blessing involves prophetic intercession for the nations. God reveals to His people what He is going to do in the world and invites us to participate in His actions as priestly intercessors.

Pray that every believer might discover the power and joy of frontier mission intercession.

Pod (Poundra) People

With a gentle touch, Anindita, the bride, applied sandalwood paste to the forehead of Chiman, her groom, as their marriage ceremony was concluding. Chiman then placed a dot of bright red sindoor paste in the center of her forehead. After six years of waiting, she was now his wife. Both sets of parents planned this wedding, even though they came from two different clans within their Pod tribe in India. She would wear the red dot on her forehead each day to bring good luck to her husband. Proudly, Anindita felt she would receive the blessing of the Hindu goddess Sati which would in turn bring honor to Chiman. She also was proud of the small piece of land her father gave them as her dowry.

West Bengal is the home of almost three million Hindu Pod people, a name which means “lotus.” This community is divided into a number of clans. The majority lives by farming small tracts of land. Some of these Dalits own their own land. The landless among them work in other occupations such as fishing, carpentry and bamboo work. Education has become important to them and they work hard so their children can attend school.

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Pray that Christian Dalits will be witnesses to these people. Pray that Christian literature will be provided as their literacy is increasing. May the Pod people soon know God’s gift of salvation.-PD

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