Daily Topic for September 15, 2008

Gen. 12:2-3
"I will make you into a great nation and I will bless you . . . and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you."

The word blessing in the context of Genesis has a very profound meaning. When Jacob wanted to receive his father’s inheritance he asked Isaac to bless him. In the same way, what God is saying here to Abraham is that he has been adopted into his family, and thus he is now an heir to all the privileges associated with being His son. He is also called to be involved in the family enterprise, which is global in scope: the redemption of all peoples, and the adoption of all who are willing into the family of God. In Christ, we too have been made heirs of the blessing given to Abraham, and the assignment that goes with it.

Pray that the Holy Spirit will impress upon some from every nation the awesome opportunity to become part of their Creator’s family.

Musahar People

The Scriptures tell us that in at least one instance, “Jesus wept.” Some things are simply too hard to bear, and too hard to hear. Such is the plight of the Musahar people. We must hear, we must weep and then we must fall to our knees in prayer!

Here is their story, as described in “InfoChange News & Features,” October, 2006. Even as Dalits go, the Musahars have low status. This makes them easy prey for higher caste businessmen. The traditional work for the Musahar is as rat-catchers. They are then allowed to keep the grain in the rat burrows for their food. But wealthy brick kiln owners are now employing them at low wage only to leave them starving when the kilns close for the monsoon season. The Musahars must borrow money from the kiln owners to live, but when the kiln opens again, what they earn goes to repay the loan. Thus they become slaves in a cycle of exploitation and poverty.

One of the businessmen boastfully stated, “They are our subjects, and but for our benevolence they would all have died of hunger.” Many are starving, children are dying and the Musahar are still known as rat-eaters, for that is all they have left.

Learn more at joshuaproject.net

Pray for mercy in this life and salvation through Jesus in both this life and the next. Pray that believers will provide them with micro loans that will keep them from falling prey to the high caste members. Pray that the light of truth would stop those who prey upon them.-PE

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