Daily Topic for September 14, 2008

Gen. 11:4
"Then they said, 'Come, let us build ourselves a city, with a tower that reaches to the heavens, so that we may make a name for ourselves and not be scattered . . .'"

The Tower of Babel project can best be described as man’s attempt to glorify himself. Instead of filling the earth as commanded and bringing glory to God, we sought to defy His will and build a legacy of our own. It was our reputation we were concerned about being passed down to posterity, and not the reputation of God. Today, the nations of the world have reaped the devastation of that decision. Instead of worshipping the Creator, they worship their ancestors, and cruel taskmasters these so-called ancestors can be! Satan devised the perfect system for manipulating the peoples of the world, and it all began here at the Tower, with the false worship of man.

Pray for the complete healing and deliverance of all unreached peoples trapped in demonic bondage.

Basor People of Uttar Pradesh

“Lal Kriya, come quick!” The familiar call caused the slender, sari-clad woman to put her basket weaving aside, gather her kit and respond as midwife to another village birth. She hoped the mother was not so young this time, since child marriage is the way of life in her community. She also hoped that the mother isn’t addicted to alcohol as many Basor people are, a situation that often leads to serious problems at birth.

The Basor people in Uttar Pradesh number about 83,000. They are generally clustered on the outskirts of a city where they can ply their traditional trade of basket making and bamboo working. The women serve as midwives to the villagers. Lal or Ram are joined with the given name to signify they are of the Basor caste.

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Pray that the hearts of Basor people of Uttar Pradesh will be softened and opened to the gospel. Pray that the futility of Hinduism would finally dawn on them and they would see the true path to hope and eternal salvation through Christ. Pray that alcoholism would have no power in this community and that the ancient traditions that keep the Basors in bondage would be broken. Pray that believers would be called to proclaim the hope of Jesus in this hopeless place.-PE

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