Daily Topic for September 10, 2008

Gen. 4:26
"Seth also had a son, and he named him Enosh. At that time, men began to call on the name of the Lord."

Here in Genesis chapter four we find an interesting contrast between two groups of people. The first descend from Caan, and they are identified by their careers, by what they are able to do. In this group are musicians, herders, metal smiths and builders of cities. But the second group’s identity is found in their relationship with the Lord. Today is no different. Most people, when asked to say something about themselves, identify who they are by what they do. But a few choose to identify themselves by Who they know. And ultimately that’s what the Great Commission is all about. It’s being a Christ-bearer among all the nations of the earth.

Pray that every unreached people might be saturated with Kingdom agents that reflect His glory in every area and aspect of life.

Pulayan People

Pollution. The word brings to mind landfills, garbage dumps, raw sewage pouring into the ocean, a haze of smog hanging over a city. Webster’s Dictionary defines pollution as something which is foul, unclean, tainted, or contaminated.

The Pulayan people of the Kerala and Tamil Nadu states of India know a lot about this word. Their name is derived from pula, which means pollution. And as members of the bottom Dalit rung of Hindu society, they are often treated like trash.

Along with most other Dalits, the Pulayans are landless. Many are engaged as agricultural laborers, serving higher caste landowners without significant pay.

Their economic status parallels their spiritual state. The Pulayans are enslaved by a host of false gods, including Mankombu Bhagwati, Siva, Vishnu, and Ayyappa.

The Pulayans are known to be talented craftsmen and basket makers. They also have a tradition of oral storytelling and folk songs. When they are not working to please their landlords, they enjoy singing and dancing to the music of drums and stringed instruments.

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Pray for God to change the identity of the Pulayans from “people of pollution” to “people of Light and Life.” Ask Him to set them free from the social and economic bondage of being Dalits, as well as the spiritual chains of Hinduism. Pray for these agricultural laborers to be open to the gospel, to begin seeking to please the Lord Jesus Christ, and to respond with singing and dancing to God’s Kingdom.-CL

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