Daily Topic for September 09, 2008

Gen. 3:9
"But the Lord God called to the man, 'Where are you'?"

The first recorded question we have of God in Scripture is profound in many ways. God knows the answer to the question. But the reason He asks it is for us to know the answer-for us to realize where we are. Taking the gospel into a lost world today requires the same perspective. Before lost nations can be redeemed, just as with lost individuals, they must understand where they are and how they got there. As the maxim goes, “You have to get a person lost (that is to recognize the reality), before you can get him saved.” For this reason, many Bible translators and missionaries are seeing that the best place to begin with an unreached people group is in Genesis. Otherwise, information without a context quickly becomes misinformation.

Pray that all unreached peoples might understand that they are lost, and that they must rely on God alone to find them.

India Gospel Outreach

Abraham of the Old Testament was the father of the Hebrew people who, as God promised, grew to become as numerous “as the sand on the seashore” (Gen. 22:17). A modern day Abraham has become the father of many spiritual children. In 1927 Pastor K.E. Abraham began training new Christians in India to plant churches. In 1956 his son, Rev. Stephen Abraham, continued his father’s training and church planting ministry. Now the third generation, Rev. Valson Abraham, has continued and expanded the ministry when he founded India Gospel Outreach (IGO) in 1984. (see http://www.indiago.org/)

IGO started its first regional training center in 1988, and by 2000 they had 12 centers. IGO is dedicated to planting a dynamic church in each of India’s 3,000 ethnic groups and 25,000 zip code areas. To achieve this goal IGO trains and sends evangelists and church planters out, often on bicycles or on foot. They start new training centers to help local Christians reach their own people.

They aid the poor with educational programs and career skills to help them to survive. IGO believes millions of people in India are disillusioned with old ways, and they are open to the gospel as never before.

Learn more at joshuaproject.net

Firmly believing that when man works, man works, but when man prays, God works, IGO requests prayer for teams of Indian church-planting missionaries for every ethnic group, for a church in each of India’s 25,000 zip code areas, and for committed disciples.-JS

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