Daily Topic for September 07, 2008

Gen. 2:17
"You are free to eat from any tree in the garden, but you must not eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, for when you eat of it you will surely die."

Our desire for knowledge has been getting us into trouble from the very beginning. The quest to know the truth in and of itself is not a bad thing. But if we are seeking truth on our own terms, we will quickly fall prey to self-deception. Even worse, we may fall prey to someone else’s self-deception. Here God shows us the danger of this propensity towards self-enlightenment. It is for this reason that the gospel message has such life-giving power for the nations. Without this special revelation we will forever remain either agnostic about the truth or in a state of perpetual self-delusion.

Pray that every frontier people might know the truth, and that this truth might set them free.

Hindu Rajput People of India

A group of drunken Dalit men attacked and injured a Rajput farmer, leading once again to a cycle of revenge. A mob of upper caste Rajput youths retaliated by destroying 73 Dalit establishments, including four houses in a Dalit village. The organized groups of armed Rajput youth attacked the village while most of the Dalit men watched helplessly. Fearing trouble, the women and children had left the village the previous day.

The Rajputs live primarily in India’s northwestern states, including Haryana where this incident took place. Caste tensions are common in this part of India. The Rajputs are a fiercely proud people. Their traditional occupation is military service, though today many are farmers or shop owners. Their patriotism is legendary, an ideal they have often embodied with fanatical zeal. For hundreds of years Rajput warriors were known to fight to the last man and chose death before dishonor. Due to geography, it was usually the Rajput states that suffered the brunt of aggression from Muslim invaders. The Hindu Rajputs were India’s first line of defense. While the nations of the Middle East fell quickly to the rapid advances of Islam, the Rajput men and women refused to let them capture India for over 500 years.

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Pray for successful evangelistic efforts among the Rajputs. Pray for the Rajputs to become spiritual warriors in Christ’s army, proudly and aggressively sharing the good news with others.-JS

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