Daily Topic for September 06, 2008

Gen. 2:15
"The Lord God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to work it and take care of it."

From the very beginning, God elevated work to the highest level and sanctified it through his own work in Creation. Unfortunately, Today most people don’t view work with much enthusiasm, and Genesis tells us why. Through our own folly we traded our Edenic occupation for mindless toil. However, the good news is that in Christ, the value of work can be redeemed. Even in the cruel Roman Empire, Christian slaves were urged to do their work as unto the Lord, and as a result, incredible social transformation followed.

Pray for God’s children to work in such a way that their communities will be blessed, and God will be praised among the nations.

Gujar People

A recent incident in Jaipur, Rajasthan, a northwestern state of India, demonstrates that though caste discrimination is forbidden by India’s constitution, it is still socially important. A Dalit (outcaste) man was murdered by a Gujar man when the Dalit man’s wife would not withdraw a rape charge against the Gujar. The brutal murder was a direct result of the Dalit’s struggle to get justice for his wife, while the police tried to hush up the rape case and shield the Gujar man.

In Rajasthan, there are over six million Gujar people who do not enjoy a high caste position, but their status is far higher than any Dalit group. Ironically, this same group started riots in New Delhi in May hoping to be re-classified as Dalits so they could get government benefits. They are belittled by high caste members and labeled as thieves and vagrants. Most Gujars of India are Hindu, though many are Muslim. Most Hindu Gujars are shepherds and settled farmers. Their counterparts who settled in Pakistan and Afghanistan are almost entirely Muslim. The Muslim Gujars have been bound by a life of poverty, illiteracy, and social oppression, forcing them to live a nomadic lifestyle.

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Pray for indigenous churches, Bible schools and mission agencies to adopt the Gujars for prayer, evangelization and ultimately church planting. May the Gujars experience the love, forgiveness, and acceptance that Jesus offers to all, regardless of caste or social standing.-JS

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