Daily Topic for September 05, 2008

Gen 1:31
"God saw all that he had made, and it was very good."

That God created the world in perfection is a foundational truth in Scripture. There is something about the beauty we find in creation that tells us there must be something deeper behind it. The incredible creativity we find in the universe gives us a clue that the place from which it came must be more beautiful still. What is more, God designed us with the capacity to appreciate that beauty. This alone should tell us we are not here by accident, nor is the universe. Unfortunately, the world over, unredeemed nations live in constant fear of creation. Satan has sought to distort our interpretation of this powerful revelation by turning our natural awe of what God has made into terror and idolatry.

Pray that the unreached peoples of the world might rediscover the glory of God in all that He has made.

Saini People of Haryana, India

“‘In that day,’ declares the Lord, you will call me “My husband;” you will no longer call me “My master”.’” Hosea 2:16 NIV

A tragic love story is unfolding in India. In a village of India’s northern state of Haryana, a couple fell in love. Manoj and Rimpy made plans to marry. However, Manoj was a Dalit man, and Rimpy, his bride-to-be, was a Saini girl from a high caste. The elders of her village were furious! How could she even think of marrying a Dalit? Dalits are beneath every Hindu caste! Their very touch can pollute a high caste member.

The couple slipped away to a local temple and were married on June 18, 2007. Saini elders issued a death sentence, and the couple fled for their lives to a police station in New Delhi.

This vignette is a beautiful picture of another love story. Ever since the fall of man, we have all been polluted by sin and unworthy of the only One who can cleanse us by “marrying” us, and making us part of His Church, the “bride” of Christ. But there is a major difference: The Saini people do not realize that they are polluted by sin and in need of cleansing from a Savior.

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Pray that Saini caste members will realize their need for the cleansing and saving power of Christ.-CH

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