Daily Topic for September 03, 2008

Gen. 1:27
"So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them."

The reality of our being made in the image of God is so significant that the entirety of Scripture would be meaningless without it. We are His children, and He created us to represent all that He is. That we have this capacity to represent the character, power and authority of God is what makes the Great Commission an assignment of the highest order. All over the world, the devil has sought to diminish the glory of God by destroying in every nation that which was designed to reflect His majesty. As we take this message to all peoples, may we be constantly reminded that every human being has eternal significance and infinite value as an instrument of praise and worship!

Pray that all peoples might experience the joy of glorifying God through their own redeemed cultural expressions.

Mallah People

Sukhwant and Vinita now live in Gurgaon, India where Sukhwant serves as a consultant to theological institutions and training centers and also heads the translation project of a Hindi Study Bible. Regarding work among his own people, he says “Most of my Sikh converts have been at a personal level and work among them is very slow. Part of the problem is that they associate Christians with charity. Sikhs are the wealthiest group of people in India, and they don’t want charity, so they generally turn a deaf ear to the gospel. But, our efforts are going on, and we are waiting for the Lord’s blessing.”

Vinita comes from a rich Christian heritage, her father having started the “Back to the Bible” ministry in India and has been a founding member of Delhi Bible Fellowship. Her mother hosted a children’s talk show on Back to the Bible Broadcast (BBB) radio for many years and has written 18 children’s storybooks. Vinita is working on a first ever children’s Bible in India.

Sukhwant had the joy of leading three of his siblings and his mother to the Lord. Today he can go back to the town where he was once despised, and townspeople say, “You have proved yourself; this Jesus must be something!”

Taken from the radio broadcast, “Power for Living, July 6th and 13th, 2003. Written by Sukhwant Singh Bhatia as told to James R. Adair)

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Pray for God to use this couple as His ambassadors to the Sikhs, especially those from a business background.

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