Daily Topic for August 31, 2008

Rev. 22:17
"Whoever is thirsty, let him come; and whoever wishes, let him take the free gift of the water of life"

Have you ever stopped to think about the cost of that “free gift” of the water of life? It cost nothing for us, but everything for our Lord. That is the real difference between Christianity and all other faiths. The water of life is free to every repentant sinner who will bow the knee to Jesus. How the unreached Muslims, Animists, Buddhists, and Hindus need to know this! But, before their hearts will open to this gospel, we must pray. As we begin to pray next month, why not recruit someone to join the army of pray-ers?

Father, help us to be faithful next month as we pray for those who need to depend on You for the water of life.

Mannan People of India

The Mannans used to plant tapioca, but that attracted rats. So they abandoned this crop. They could appeal to their neighbors, the Irulas (see yesterday’s story) for help. Instead, they loan their plots to wealthier people. Then these landowners work their loaned out property as if they were servants.

By tradition, 13-year-old Mannan girls get restricted to a large tent. Older women watch over them as the girls prepare for marriage. In the forest a boy will find a girl and take her to his home. There she will serve as a virtual slave to earn approval from her future in-laws. Once his parents agree that she is fit, they consummate the marriage.

The Mannan do not cremate, but bury their dead. They wrap the body in cloth and lay it in a pit. Then they throw rice on top of the deceased. After closing the grave, they build a simple hut over the spot. In this covering, they place a pot of water and a knife. Thus the deceased can hunt and satisfy his thirst.

The Mar Thoma Church and the Church of South India seek to satisfy the Mannan’s spiritual thirst. Bible portions and other resources are available in their language.

Learn more at joshuaproject.net

Pray that the few Mannan believers will persevere in their faith and that they will show the love of Christ in the face of opposition. Pray that the Rajamannan, their king, will be open to the gospel.-EF

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