Daily Topic for August 24, 2008

Rev. 3:15
"I know your deeds, that you are neither cold nor hot. I wish you were either one or the other"

Water from both icy cold springs and hot springs flowed through a large stone aqueduct into the city of Laodicea. Unfortunately, by the time the water had made the long trip into the city, it was usually lukewarm. How disappointing! Christ likewise criticized His church at Laodicea for a tepid vacillation between total commitment to His Lordship and total abandonment to the beliefs and values of the world. If we are to make an all-out offensive to reclaim the final frontiers of the gospel for Jesus Christ, we must be wholeheartedly committed to His purposes, not giving merely lukewarm assent to a “missionary program.”

Oh, Heavenly Father, enflame our hearts to see Christ’s glory demonstrated among all the peoples of the earth!

Muslims of Kerala

“Muslims living in other states of India can follow the example of Kerala Muslims to improve their socio-economic condition.” Sachar, a former Justice of Delhi’s High Court, was speaking at the Muslim Educational Society (MES) meeting. He continued. “Muslim participation in government jobs is extremely low in India. In West Bengal it is only 2.5 percent. The literary rate among Muslims is also far below India’s national rate. Since 1964, Dr. Ghafour, our MES founder, has established many educational institutions for Muslims in Kerala. These have produced excellent advancements for India in the areas of engineering, medicine and business. The largest number of Muslims girls receiving education is in Kerala.”

Located in the southwestern tip of India, Kerala’s population is around 33 million people. A recent survey shows 57 percent of the people are Hindus, 23 percent Muslims and 19 percent Christian. Kerala is, perhaps, India’s most prosperous state, partly because of their Muslim population. History indicates that Kerala was an entry point for both Islam and Christianity. Most Christians in Kerala are reluctant to reach their Muslim neighbors out of fear of persecution.

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Pray that God will give strength, wisdom and courage to Christians in Kerala so they can respectfully work, study, socialize, and conduct business with Kerala’s Muslims. May this be the link that will bring many of Kerala’s Muslims to the Lord.-PD

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