Daily Topic for August 22, 2008

Rev. 2:4
"Yet I hold this against you: You have forsaken your first love"

These familiar words of the Lord Jesus to the church at Ephesus should serve as a strong warning to us, particularly to those of us who have known Christ for some time. It is so easy to become complacent in the Lord’s service, going through the motions but having lost the zeal and fervor which characterized our early experience with Him. Many young people can show us the way. Their earnest love for the Lord Jesus is expressed in their unreserved willingness to serve Him in the frontier missions movement, regardless of the cost. Pray for these zealous young people, many of whom are going to difficult fields of service in North Africa, the Middle East, India, China, and Southeast Asia.

Pray that their great love for Jesus will stimulate the rest of us to follow Him with our whole hearts and lives.

Ansari People of India

“Roberto, my friend! Please come in for tea.” The Ansari weaver invited the Argentine businessman into his home.

When the two men sat down to tea, the weaver told him the story of his community. “We Ansaris live for generations in the same house. Most of our relatives live on this street. Allah has blessed us. All our family members work together in our carpet business, and our kids grow up together. We even have our own mosque just up the street. You said that we were the friendliest people you have met in India. Our name, ‘Ansari,’ means ‘friend indeed’ or ‘one who helps.’ We can trace our ancestors back to a community in Saudi Arabia called ‘Ansari.’ When our prophet Mohammed and his men were trying to escape from his enemies, he was welcomed into the homes of the Ansari people in Medina. Allah has taught us to do good deeds. This may allow us someday to be in Paradise.”

There are almost no believers among the 10,000,000 Muslim Ansaris of northern India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Nepal. The friendliness of the Ansaris can open doors for believers to develop closeness with them and opportunities to share the gospel. Ansaris are especially eager to please businessmen who buy their beautiful crafts.

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Pray that God will open many opportunities for Christian businessmen and other believers to spend time with the Ansaris. Pray that Ansaris will accept Jesus as their Lord.-PD

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