Daily Topic for August 20, 2008

Jude 23
"Snatch others from the fire and save them"

How human it is for us to be concerned primarily with our own salvation. Our own welfare is a natural concern. But it is wrong to stop there. We must be concerned for the spiritual safety and security of others also. Remember God’s challenge to Ezekiel: “If you warn them and they do not listen, that is their responsibility. If you do not warn them and they perish, I will hold you responsible” (Ezekiel 33:8-9, paraphrase That is a great challenge to us as we think of those who still have not heard the gospel!

Our Father, we want to be faithful to share Christ with the unreached peoples. But all too often we are afraid of rejection and scorn. Give us the same courage You gave to Ezekiel to warn others of the judgment awaiting those who reject Your grace.

Buddhist Ladakhis in India

The Ladakhi region of northern India once seemed like paradise to her people. They lived in communities known for their peacefulness and hard work. This “heaven on earth” has recently been transformed into a land of discontent by the intrusion of Western values and products.

The phenomenon now occurring among the Buddhist Ladakhi people is common to many undeveloped societies. Upon exposure to commercial goods, previously content people become dissatisfied. Seeing things they never knew existed (and were happy living without), they suddenly feel compelled to own them. As a result, the Ladakhi culture is now in flux. Young people are questioning the validity of long-standing traditions. They are anxious to consume coca cola, purchase Levis and possess sports cars. Even with the alarming corollary rise of depression, alcoholism, and violence, they feel they have been missing out on something good.

Could it be that God is orchestrating these seemingly tragic events? Might He be coaxing the Ladakhi people out from their “utopian” existence in order to show them their need for a Savior?

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Pray for God to use the Ladakhis’ discontent as a means of fostering a hunger for spiritual rather than material things. Ask Him to move among this people group, revealing the only true and lasting source of peace. Pray for His Spirit to confirm to the Ladakhis that they have indeed been missing out on something good: eternal life in Jesus Christ.-CL

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