Daily Topic for August 18, 2008

1 Jn. 5:21
"Dear children, keep yourselves from idols"

John, the elderly apostle, reveals his pastor’s heart in his epistle. He is concerned with the sin of idolatry because he knows that God created each of us to love and worship Him only. If we do not love Him, we will love something less. Whatever it is that we love in place of God becomes god (an idol) to us. How can we maintain our love and devotion to God? According to Jesus Himself, it is by obeying His commands! One of these commands, often ignored, is to disciple the nations. As we are caught up in this great task, we are less likely to be tempted by things that could become idols to us.

Lord, help us catch the excitement and joy of being totally abandoned to Your will and Your cause. Keep our hearts from idols, we pray.

Vishwa Brahmins

Vishwa Brahmins are not currently considered to be of a significant enough population to have political representation in India’s government. This creates difficulties for them, in spite of the top level they possess in the social and religious settings of India. Traditionally, they have enjoyed a certain superiority and favor in job opportunities and recognition in Indian society. More recently, however, they have suffered from a lack of presence in emerging arenas such as polytechnics, ITTs, and vocational training courses, according to a 2004 report at: http://www.hindu.com.

Today, Vishwa Brahmins are working in everything from professional financial positions to the medical field, but they have publicly expressed dissatisfaction in regards to further advancements and placement.

As with the Chitpawan Brahmins featured yesterday, the traditional place of favor and privilege the Vishwa Brahmins hold has created a certain independence and self-sufficiency among them. There are very few Vishwas who have put their faith in Christ alone.

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Pray that God would burden the right people to befriend Vishwa Brahmins and show that the gospel is in fact for them. Pray that Vishwa Brahmins will see the needs in their lives that Hindu beliefs and practices cannot meet. Pray that the Holy Spirit will draw the Vishwa Brahmins to knock, seek and find their Savior.-JR

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