Daily Topic for August 17, 2008

1 Jn. 5:4
"This is the victory that has overcome the world, even our faith"

One of the first classes of U.S. Army missiles was given the name “Nike” from the Greek word for “overcomer.” These weapons are swift and powerful in their ability to bring horrifying destruction. The church of Jesus Christ has its own “Nike missile” capable of swiftly and powerfully destroying all evil authority, all opposition to the rule of Jesus Christ. That weapon is our faith, expressed by our confidence in, dependence on and obedience to the Lord Jesus Christ. We must march forward victoriously in His mighty power to tear down enemy strongholds which have long resisted the good news of the gospel.

Pray that the entire body of Jesus Christ will join together in a massive, all-out attack on the powers of wickedness at work both in people groups with a fellowship and in those nations where the Church has yet to be established.

Chitpawan Brahmins

A long, slow rise from clerks and servants to power holders in India has defined the history of the Chitpawan Brahmins. For centuries, they were little-known until the rise of Balaji Vishvanath Peshwa (1680-1719) to the position of Prime Minister of the Maratha Empire in India. Today, they are found primarily in Maharashtra state and together form less than one percent of the total Indian population. They have distinguished themselves by becoming adept in business, and because they are Brahmins, they have been provided greater opportunities in the social hierarchy of India. They are provided the best that India has to offer. In an article in Wikipedia, ( Unfortunately, this same history of success has kept many Chitpawan Brahmins away from faith in Jesus Christ. Most Brahmins view a commitment to Christ as something for the poorer, lower classes, and have therefore remained outside the faith.

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Pray for a breakthrough for the gospel among the Chitpawan Brahmins. Pray that God will send those who know how to reach them in a way that allows them to embrace Christ without abandoning the good in their culture.-JR

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