Daily Topic for August 14, 2008

2 Pet. 1:12
"So I will always remind you of these things, even though you know them and are firmly established in the truth you now have"

Do you have a friend who constantly reminds you of things you already know? Do you find it difficult to respond graciously? Deep inside we, like Peter, all know that we often need reminders of truths we’ve heard before. For example, we know that God is concerned for the salvation of people from every nation (people group) in the world, but we need to be reminded of this priority each day. That is the purpose of the Frontier Fellowship. Many need to pray for the unreached peoples of the world. Do you encourage your friends to pray with you for these peoples?

Dear Lord, how easy it is to be caught up in our own affairs. Forgive us, and open our eyes to see the world as You do.

-Ahir People of India

They claim to be children of Lord Krishna, and so consider themselves superior to other Hindus. There are over 57 million Ahir people living in 14 states within India, Pakistan and Nepal. Their ancestors were shepherds and farmers who once sold milk and ghee (clarified butter) for their livelihood, but their line of business changed because of the uncertainty of needed rainfall. Some people still associate the Ahirs with the dairy industry.

These are a people who love to give gifts. They give gifts when a young couple becomes engaged. The parents of the boy give gifts to the parents of the girl. Then the bride’s family and friends give many gifts during the marriage. Some give sets of clothing that are highly decorated with embroidery. The bride’s relatives also give at least one silver necklace, one or two gold necklaces, ankle chains and bracelets. Yet the Ahirs still do not know of the greatest Gift-Giver of all, the One who gave His only Son. They know neither the Gift-Giver nor the Gift. Only a small number are believers in Christ. The vast majority worship Krishna and other Hindu gods.

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Pray that the sovereign Lord will open the door for Christian ministries to share the good news of the gift of salvation in Christ through radio and film ministries. Pray that the Holy Spirit will open Ahir eyes to the glory of Christ.-MH

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