Daily Topic for August 12, 2008

1 Pet. 2:9
"But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood...that you may declare the praises of Him who called you out of darkness into His wonderful light"

Peter borrows words from the Mosaic covenant (Exodus 19) to describe the believers he addresses in this letter. At Mount Sinai God had identified Israel as “a kingdom of priests.” In other words, Israel was to fulfill a priestly role in bringing men and women from other nations to faith in Yahweh. That same challenge has come to us today. We are royal priests-children of the King with a responsibility to call the peoples of today’s world to be reconciled to the Heavenly King.

Thank You, gracious God, for the high and holy calling that is ours. Use our testimony to reveal Yourself to the nations!

Yadava People of India

Fire and music is in their souls, yet they are so far from Christ!

Imagine that you are at a Yadava funeral. The fire rages, and the deceased is consumed in the flames. For the next 13 days your Yadava hosts will observe a death pollution ritual. Next, imagine that you are listening to Sevagaridi, which is group singing. This is a complex oral tradition, which is passed down from generation to generation. In these group songs, they praise Vishnu, one of the three main Hindu gods. Imagine that you are watching Yadava dancers. Some of the dances depict mock sword fighting. The Yadavas trace their descent to Krishna of Yadoo lineage, yet they know almost nothing of Christ who was descended from David of Bethlehem.

Their beliefs are complex. They engage in animal husbandry, even though they believe in reincarnation. They value teaching, yet they make little effort to educate their girls, and child labor is common, which prevents these children from receiving a formal education. They value medicine, yet they have more faith in talismans than they do in the services of a doctor. They value engineering, yet they have a strong faith in astrology as a guiding force of the universe.

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Pray that God will send Christian workers among the Yadavas to meet their physical and spiritual needs. Pray that the Holy Spirit will win Yadava leaders who can then direct their people to Christ.-CH

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